You can now speed up your audios on WhatsApp
You can now speed up your audios on WhatsApp

You can now speed up your audios on WhatsApp

It is not unknown that some people love to send WhatsApp audios for everything, even with an "OK", but this update is not for contos messages, but for those that just look at them and you are too lazy to play, messages of 1,2, 3 or more minutes that you say "I have to listen to everything."

WhatsApp WEB audios

Thinking about this and many more, WhatsApp launches in its new update the possibility of speeding up audio messages up to 2 times, which for people who are a little anxious or do not support slow messages that do not go to the point can be a great help.

This update is already available for Android, IOS and WEB, for those who do not have it yet, they should only update their applications from the stores of each device.

How to steel the audios
It is very simple and we summarize it in three simple steps:

  • After updating the application, you just have to click on the play audio button that appears in any voice message of your conversation
  • You will notice a button that shows the current speed (by default "1x"). If you click on that button, the speed will change to the other available ones (1.5 and 2). If you want to return to normal speed, press 4 times.
  • Important! The speed you set will be the default for all your audios, so unless you like to listen to everything very fast, we recommend you return to normal speed after playback.

WhatsApp audios Android and IOS


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