2021 A good time to create or improve your virtual store
2021 A good time to create or improve your virtual store

2021 A good time to create or improve your virtual store

Electronic commerce is one of the channels that has been increasing in recent years, and it is not surprising, with quarantines and the general fear of leaving home in mid-2020, many of the companies realized that digital channels it was the next implementation step resulting in an increase in the creation of virtual stores. This led to an increase of 25.7% worldwide in retail trade.

The foregoing gives a growth outlook for this area of $ 492.1 billion worldwide by 2021 and in 2025 they can achieve profits of $ 738.5 billion, this according to the eMarketer agency for the Latin American region and Spain.

E-Commerce the best Alternative for this 2021

Now, before the pandemic, the firm had predicted that total retail sales worldwide would increase by 4.4% in 2020, to $ 264.6 billion, however, sales were only $ 236.24 billion, a decrease. 2.8%. In 2021, this figure will recover to levels prior to the pandemic (2019), reaching 250.52 billion dollars, according to the brand and an important part of this growth will be in e-commerce.

Is it important to have a virtual store?

For Colombia, the number of transactions increased 78% compared to what was observed in the first quarter of 2020. The ICT ministry revealed that in the first three months of the year online sales increased 44.3%, according to figures from the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (Ccce).

Although we are still very elusive in online transactions, and many cases of cash on delivery alleviate this fear a bit, we are in a strong increase that cannot go unnoticed.

What if you already have a virtual store?

In the case of having an electronic commerce platform, we can look at some aspects that will help us improve our reach or vitalize our sales:

  1. The first thing is that our virtual store is optimized, both for new and old ones, loading speed and search engine optimization is very important when looking for your online store or entering it.
  2. he design of our virtual store is another important factor, when we set up a commercial premises, the first thing we focus on is that it is pleasant for the client, that he feels comfortable and at ease, the same happens with our virtual store. You want the design to invite your client to stay.
  3. Feeding our store and keeping the product catalog updated, it is useless to have a neglected premises or without products, so keeping our product catalog updated, creating promotions and updating prices is important.
  4. Connect your store with e-commerce platforms such as Google Shopping, or the Facebook and Instagram store.
  5. You advertise on social networks, it is not only about setting up a store, you have to tell our customers that they can buy in it, for this reason Google ADS or Facebook ADS campaigns are not a bad idea.

Online payments the future of shopping

Electronic commerce will continue to grow as indicated by international agencies and although you think that it is too late to create your virtual store, it is not since 2022 is loaded with a very good increase in these digital markets and you can be part of that group of companies that generate profits by this means. But remember not only is creating your store, it is managing it so that you achieve the proposed objectives.


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